Nine amazing things you can do with your mobile (and one that you can't)

Nine amazing things you can do with your mobile (and one that you can't) : It has become our morning alarm, has replaced postcards and letters, cup much of our time and few objects spend so much time in our hands. The mobile becomes, in some cases, an extension of our own body.

Nine amazing things you can do with your mobile (and one that you can't)

Looking around is confirming that figure: restaurants, public transport, cars, queues to enter the cinema, parks. Wherever you are, there will be someone with a mobile in your hand. If the Spotify list is already set up, there are no new WhatsApp messages, the mail is clean and no Facebook or Twitter notifications have been skipped, here are some applications and tricks in case you don't want to keep your mobile in your pocket.Nine amazing things you can do with your mobile and one that you can't below:

1. End delinquent friends:

End delinquent friends

Beers with friends, a family meal, an afternoon of terraces after work, a taxi to go home or a boat to buy a gift. On some occasion some of these companions will not have cash, exchange or the ATM will not work. Then one of them will have to pay that part. And the return? Sometimes it arrives, sometimes it doesn't. To clarify accounts with friends, family or co-workers, there are a few applications with which there will be no valid excuses. Here, four for iOS and Android, without commissions, immediate, with all security and privacy guarantees, and only with a credit card: Splitwise, Wizzo, Cashually and Yaap.

2. Be the eyes of another person:

Be the eyes of another person

Sport, a good meal, listen to a song we like ... And help others. They are actions that provide incredible sensations. Be my eyes  is an iOS app for help and cooperation for blind or visually impaired people. By downloading the application you can choose between access as a volunteer or as a person who needs help. Users will use their mobile camera to show what they want to see, and on the other hand, a volunteer will describe the image through their words. The platform has more than 155,000 volunteers who help 15,437 blind people. And it keeps growing.

3. Pick up a call even backwards:

 the Idol 3 phone

Cycling, in the street with your hands full of bags, in the supermarket carrying the cart or rummaging in one of those bags or backpacks that seem to have no end, sometimes, looking for the mobile and pick up on time is a mission more than impossible. The system that incorporates the new Alcatel Onetouch model, the Idol 3 phone, has solved the problem. The terminal interface works in any of the possible ways, even the other way around. In addition, the Idol 3, which goes on the market today has Clari-Fi technology, improved color on the screen according to the light, a 13 megapixel camera and its front speakers have been created by JBL.

4. Take your computer anywhere:

Take your computer anywhere

We have more and more devices and compatibility is not always possible between them. Inevio is a virtual desktop in the cloud. It works and looks like a real computer from which you can access all documents and all applications. No need to install anything; you just have to have a terminal with HTML5 and an Internet connection. This operating system accessible from any device has been created by two Computer Science students from the Polytechnic University of Madrid: Roberto G?mez and Javier Garm?n.

5. Calculate how much you travel in time:


The time curvature effects of the theory of special (or restricted) relativity published by Albert Einstein in 1905 affect space-time on Earth. Which means that someone who lives on a second floor ages faster than someone who lives on a low floor, just like someone who moves faster (either running or traveling by plane). Einstein's Pedometer is an application with download on the web for iOS, Android and Windows Phone that calculates how much you travel in time while walking, running, or going on any means of transport.

6. Monitor your life:

The love for data and the smallest details of life itself led Nicholas Felton - the creator of the way Facebook profiles, the timeline - have today - to create Reporter, an iOS application born from the passion to monitor the routines. How much and how do you sleep. Who do you spend more time with? Which coffee shops do you frequent the most or where do you walk more regularly? If you feel happy, sad or euphoric. Who do you hug And convert all those figures into an infographic. Felton recommends this app for "anyone who is curious about their habits or who believes that there is a part of their life that they would like to know more thoroughly."

7. Turn an idea into a beautiful poster:


We write more, share more and faster. But not better. Notegraphy is the application of the creators of OmmWriter (an application to work without noise or social networks on the computer). "Notegraphy is a project that thinks that what you say is important, and as it is important in the background, it should also be in form," according to Marzban Cooper, one of the creators. If you have something to say, Notegraphy converts it, through various templates, into a "pretty" poster. It has a basic, plus and premium version to adapt to the needs of each user.

8. Take a selfie without the arm appearing (and without a stick):

Take a selfie without the arm appearing (and without a stick)

Selfie was the 2013 word for the Oxford dictionary. The tweet with more retweets in history is, until today, Ellen DeGeneres' selfie at the 2014 Oscars, with more than three million. And in the past Christmas, one of the star gifts was the selfie stick, in Spanish, the extensible self-portrait stick. The selfie fever is a reality. But if you don't want to buy the stick - according to Amazon, in December 2014, the sale since November, and compared to the previous three months, 301% shot - or you're tired of doing arm contortions to get a picture without said member appears, the solution is simple (if you have a headset with buttons): plug in the headphones to the mobile, open the camera and try all the buttons until you find the one that connects to the trigger.

9. Find the phone clapping:

Find the phone clapping

There are no statistics that calculate how many mobile users often lose it: at home, at the desk, in a purse or in a coat pocket. But it has all happened to all of us. The Clap Phone Finder application allows you to find the device by clapping; It is available for iOS (0.99 euros) and Android (0.87 euros).

10. Charge the battery at double speed:

In this list of incredible things you can do with your mobile we include a last one that is not exactly like that. A virtual legend that has spread through forums and help pages for years and that bloggers and experts have denied. Airplane mode does not mean reducing battery charging time; not at least to make it worth doing. When connected, applications that in normal mode remain active in the background are interrupted, as well as all the geolocation and network search processes of the terminals. This idle mode increases the loading speed, yes, but in an insignificant percentage: between three and six minutes.

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