Essay on the new technological applications

Essay on the new technological applications : New technologies have come to change our lives. That is my hypothesis, but without a doubt, and possibly supported by many others, it is a reality.

Essay on the new technological applications

Just look around us, hasn't our daily life changed too much ? Of course! Our way of investigating, our way of communicating, of sharing our experiences, even of living them. Everything has been significantly modified, especially when compared to past years.

It seems incredible to me how we have adapted our life based on technology. The distances have shortened, apparently, the ways of buying are now more practical, we can, although almost always the opposite, better manage our times and make the most of them.

I can give countless arguments about what technology has come to do with our lives. Now studying does not seem like an idea so remote, so impossible. We have access to countless information. Internet is a huge world that fills us with possibilities.

For example, Smartphones. Those that contain everything we need to make our day to day more practical, more orderly.

We see how these are constantly being updated, including more and more functions, more advantages, more novel things; Don't even talk about the applications.

There are applications for everything, these have become an incredible business. And the truth is that it is a fairly well supported business, with many options and successes. It's amazing, but the applications, as well as the technology, has made life easier for us.

There are applications to download videos, songs, movies, to exercise, edit photographs, order food at home, to know the news of the day, to buy tickets either from the cinema, theater or concerts; to buy any product online, your pantry.

Smartphones, with their applications, have transformed our habits. I don't know to what degree for better or worse.

We can probably open a debate about the real benefits and the real disadvantages of these technological devices.

But, for example, being able to promote your business through an application that facilitates the approach, isn't it worth it? Think of the user and us (as a company) the advantages they give us.

Think of the people who wake up every morning to exercise and have to download the music that motivates them, or keep track of their progress. What if we think of those who travel and want to capture the best photographs to share them (and who also need music as inspiration).

Or what if we think of those who do not have time to cook, to leave work and buy something, what better than an application that takes food wherever you are!

And this is just to mention a few examples, because there are thousands of applications with different objectives. Its purpose is to make your routine a simple and fast methodology, facilitate your work, your purchases, promote your company, make it known.

However, even those who disagree must have completely valid and interesting arguments.

Other data that may support my hypothesis are the following:

First, let's talk about the advantages it has brought to our lives, in a timely manner.


  • It is an excellent means of communication :  Not only to keep in touch with our friends and family, but also for companies, the big brands, the internet is one of the best means to make themselves known.
  • It generates greater development of skills : People become more skilled, by using technology, by understanding it and by investigating it. Discovering new learning methods and deciphering their complexity.
  • Better learning : Through new technologies, educational institutions can include a new learning system that allows students a better understanding of the topics. Let's say it is a unique way to acquire information, since it is a huge source.
  • Research source: I repeat it; The internet is the best source of research that exists in these times. Here we have access to countless information, important data on any subject, anyone, and we even have the opportunity to add, correct or deny data from the pages. We can learn about topics related to the same technology, anthology, politics, society, history, physics, science, whatever!
  • Increase economic productivity : Thanks to the Internet, as we mentioned at the beginning, thousands of companies have made themselves known, offer their services and use modern applications to gain positioning and acquire value in their brand. Thousands of new entrepreneurs start generating a web page before even having the necessary facilities, such as an office; Making yourself known is possibly the most important action today and the internet is the best means of advertising.
  • It promotes commercial and scientific activities : It is an excellent way to have contact and be aware of activities related to trade and the scientific field.


  • It does not provide total security in personal data: Internet has also become the favorite directory. Everything you can find here, even what you want nobody to find. Despite efforts to increase security, no progress has been made. Everything on the internet is public, and you have to keep that in mind.
  • Addiction to those who use it :  Digital media are also the weakness of many. Once you enter the world of technology it is very difficult for you to leave it. Nowadays all communication is carried out through social networks, applications that allow you to send messages for free, from emails. What's more, how many times have you gone out for coffee and found that, on the winged table, instead of talking they are looking at their cell phones? Technology has many advantages but none will be superior to interaction with other people. Don't you think ?
  • Inadequate management of technology and all its tools :  Many people, companies or organizations do not know how to use these technological tools and the place to take advantage of them becomes a counterproductive means for them. Some people use this medium to publicize social situations, conflicts of interest, and in a bad way, they share pornography or explicit videos on certain topics, which should not be within easy reach of the user.
  • Environmental pollution :  Companies have also introduced technology to their means of production, and many times it fulfills a function that does not favor the planet, especially the environment, which causes damage to people, in a progressive way.
  • It is possible to supplant the identity and personality of a person :  Possibly this is the most critical disadvantage of our list. Through your social networks, outsiders have access to your information and your photographs, which can be used for other purposes and not precisely the best. Although we have total privacy and are very selective with the information we publish, remember that security is not the strength of technology.
There are many theories, many views on technology. Views for and against. How much good does technology do to us? How bad?

It is very interesting to hear the perception of all people, from their different areas of interest and development, we can discover and understand the arguments they give to defend their point of view. However, although I have not conducted quantitative studies, I dare to affirm that more than 80% agree with technological advances.

The impact it has had on our daily lives is really substantial. As I mentioned at the beginning of the essay. Technology has become part of our day to day and it is amazing how now we cannot imagine an instant being without it. Has it happened to you? Surely yes.

We talk about technological advances, inventions, creations that exceed our expectations, modern computers, smartphones, and these include one of the best inventions, the initiator of everything: Internet.

Let's see below what is the use that is given to the Internet, what it is used for and from where people connect, particularly.

  - Do you stay at home because you prefer to be connected to the internet? More than 70% of people do.
  - Five out of ten connections are made through a Smartphone.
  - However, laptops and desktops are still the favorite means to surf the internet.
  - The day they connect most is Friday.
  The day they least connect is Sunday.
  At least 20% use the internet to make purchases online.
  19% do banking operations.
  And, because it is a very good form, or the most usual now, 13% is dedicated to seeking   employment in their navigation.
  Here are more inventive data: 9% enter sites with adult content.
  6% are looking for a partner.

What about social networks??

  9 out of 10 Internet users access a social network.
  At least 6% canceled their social network. The main reason? Social networks cause them personal problems.
  While another 6% close them because they find them boring.
  - 73% of peoples complain that the connection is very slow.

We can see how the connection to the internet or social networks generates a strong impact on what we do or not throughout the week, every day of this, every hour.

But I do not want to lose sight of the premise of my essay, although it is to refer to the impact that technology has had on our lives, it is also important that we do not lose the thread of the subject, is that we recognize the benefits and know how to take advantage of the internet and everything that comes included.

For students, the internet is wonderful. For those who are preparing, for those who wish to acquire new knowledge and grow professionally, for those who want to make themselves known, who promote their work.

For whom is the internet not advantageous?

 Anywhere in the world, the internet is the key to start being recognized, so that your brand is identified by users and then acquired.

Applications also go hand in hand with brand awareness. I reiterate the beginning of this essay; Many companies start offering the home service and to facilitate the process they make use of the applications. They create theirs and begin to share it, through these they earn points in brand recognition while users gain time and energy. Applications are created to cover a need, to save time for those who download them, they have one objective: to satisfy a need, creating it from their own product.


Technology is responsible for the social and personal metamorphosis we are now going through. We look for work from these means, we do the work using the tools provided by the internet, we communicate with our loved ones, regardless of distance, through this medium, even our entertainment is based on games or internet downloads.

I believe that the statement "Technology is responsible for the social and personal metamorphosis we are now going through" is not so correct! we are responsible for the fact that technology has caused so much impact on our lives, because we have allowed its entry, we have taken advantage of it, for better or worse.

Its appearance is definitely advantageous, and it can be helpful. It is the source of communication, information and distribution.

We can find many opinions about it. Why or why not take advantage of it. We have read the advantages, the disadvantages, how Mexicans make use of the network. Finally, the user himself decides what to look at and what to share in this medium, because in all this, there is something inescapable: technology (including internet), will continue advancing without even questioning if there is any cap.

And therefore, users will take advantage of each technological advance, they will buy each new phone with new functions, (it is recommended that it is really useful and necessary).

Whether you order food at home, download an application to show your location and discover how to get to that side, count the calories you eat, help you perform an exercise routine, which allows you to download videos, songs, ? Whatever! For whatever you use it, you must understand that this serves to make your work better, to better manage your time, and not to become an addiction or a reason for being.

Technological applications also reach the medical field, where, in my opinion, it is the best and most productive place where they can be.

Possibly our opinions are very extreme, for or against. But of course there are valid arguments and many indicate the true advantages of these.

Why don't we try to give it a chance, and better yet, make the most of it?

by Omar Faruk

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